5 Favorite Fairy Tale Fonts

I found a link to 20 fairy tale fonts, and these are my top favorites.

Every designer loves her fonts. Each font has its own personality to it, and when you find the perfect font for your project, everything falls into place.

Sometimes, you just need a whimsical, fantastical font. A couple days ago I read an article that had a list of 20 fun, fairy tale fonts, each one more fun than the last, that you can buy to use for your cards, posters, videos, websites, and more! 🙂

My favorites from this list are:

Liam: Something about this font reminds me of magic, wizards, and books I used to read as a child. This is such a fun font, brilliant for print (e.g. cards, books, posters)!

Butterfly Waltz: I have a soft spot for script fonts; they just add charm to whatever I’m working on! Butterfly Waltz is very easy to read, and has little flourishes that give it extra detail.

Gypsy: While this is a Caps only font, it includes artistic alternates for words like “and,” “to,” “the,” and “for.” You can add a gradient to the text to give it a more bohemian feel.

Organic Fridays: Perfect for any kids’ projects, or just to add some playfulness and youth. If you look closely at this font, each letter is curved or bent to some degree – very few are stick straight!

November Starlight: This font has a beautiful elegance to it, with swashes and alternates to give your text a delicate touch. Perfect for wedding invitations!

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