BONUS! May 2017

Wow, you made it here! As a treat, here’s a special glimpse at my favorite moments from Cinderella (1997):

I like how Cinderella and Christopher meet before the ball, instead of just meeting and falling in love within the same encounter. Plus, look at his face as he helps her pick up her packages: he’s angry that the royal carriage just ran over her things. He knows they’re waiting for him, but that doesn’t excuse their behavior. Character development in one shot FTW!

“Just like those royals, isn’t it? Not caring if they’re in anybody’s way.”

The stepmother acknowledges that intelligence and personality is important; she mentions as much to her daughters as they get ready for the ball. She even encourages them to recite poetry to the prince and show off their strengths. But she also teaches them to “hide [their] flaws…until after the wedding.” It’s important to look your best, but that wasn’t limited to just physical looks. I can’t think of many other Cinderella tales where the stepmother places emphasis on her daughters’ skills and charms.

Look pretty and smart, but hide your quirks.

One thing that stayed with me all these years was how the Fairy Godmother said that she wasn’t going to take Cinderella away from her family, that if she wanted anything, she had to do it herself. The godmother encourages Cinderella to trust herself (and the prince) and to believe in herself.

And that’s exactly what she does. Goodbye, step-family!

The ending! Who doesn’t love happy endings? Just look at this shot. No words, just look.

And they lived happily ever after.

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