BONUS! August 2017

Bonus blog for August 2017.

This one was way too much of a spoiler to include in the main SOTM blog, but here is the last (and my favorite) of the blends fromĀ Earthsong:

One body is shared by two people.

You read correctly: two different people use the same body….But they don’t at the same time. The main warrior on Earthsong, Nanashi, dies during the final battle, and the stars – yes, the big balls of gas floating in space – reuse her body to create the Starchild. She has some of the same memories as Nanashi, but they have different personalities.

More spoilers: Nanashi was a human who came to Earthsong because of a cosmic disease that plagues the universe (it’s called the soulstone phenomenon). While on Earthsong, she came to care for the planet, who is alive and conscious. Actually, all creature, planets, and even the stars are alive in this comic, and when another planet threatens to overtake Earthsong, Nanashi begs the stars to help, so they give her some of their element, which grants her the power of the stars. When she dies, the stars decide to fully convert her body so that it is purely made of star element, which gives birth to the Starchild.

Creepy, but cool!

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