Hey, guys!

Since June is Pride Month, I wanted to choose a story that represented pride in some way. When I was watching Last Week Tonight a few months ago, the host John Oliver mentioned a children’s book he had written about the vice-president’s bunny, Marlon Bundo. I thought it sounded like a cute story.

Last month, I found that book at my local bookstore and gave it a look – it is a charming story with a sweet message about love and pride. (Which is all the more hilarious when you learn about the VP’s stance on it.) Politics aside, A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo is not vindictive, but rather innocent. It shows what a gay couple is like in simple terms. While this book is aimed at children, it deals with a topic that everyone can relate to and provides a simpler take on homosexual relationships.

What a happy bunny!

(Here’s a cute little trailer.)

To recap the story, Marlon Bundo is the Bunny of the United States, who is very lonely. One day, during his hop through the garden, he meets a beautiful boy bunny named Wesley. After spending the day together playing in the garden and hopping through the White House, they tell each other that they love spending time with the other and want to get married so they won’t be lonely anymore. The Stink Bug (who is In Charge) declares that they can’t, even though the bunnies are happy together, and all the other animals are supportive. How will Marlon Bundo and Wesley stay together?


Aw, he’s in love!

The ending has a cute little twist that ties in with the theme of love. It provides a message of hope that one day, everyone will have the opportunity to marry whomever they love regardless of orientation. While the book does have a particular stance on the topic of homosexuality, it is not contrived or forced. More LGBT books are being written and released, but there are still many stories yet to be told – and very few of those are in children’s books. Marlon Bundo offers children another look at relationships that aren’t hetero-normative and shows that it is okay to be different, that being different isn’t bad.

And of course, there are a couple Easter eggs. As Last Week Tonight covers various political topics and explores them in depth, they have references to news anchors, like Bunderson Cooper (Anderson Cooper) and Wolf Blitzer (who is an actual wolf in the book). There are other cute little pictures that ties in love and relationships (platonic and romantic) or are just plain fun.

There isn’t much else to talk about without giving anything away, so I will let you read the book for yourself and see this adorable bunny couple fall in love. 🙂

Will they stay together?

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